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If you follow me on instagram (@bremill) you know I love matching with our kids. Yes, I am THAT mom. But honestly there are a few advantages to matching with your kids. 1. if you are in a large, public, peopley (yep just made up that word) area you can spot your family members easily, other people can also do the same as they can easily see who is all in your entire group. Disneyland matching is always a good idea for these reasons. 2. It makes getting dressed really easy, no arguing over this or that outfit because they are exactly the same. 3. This one is very important…It’s just cute. 😜But honestly, I figure our kids won’t let me do it forever so I am taking full advantage while I can!

One of my weaknesses is matching swimsuits and when we can’t match exactly, color coordinating is my next favorite option! I have a few brands of swimwear that I love and we wear regularly that I am excited to share with you. I love all these brands because they are affordable, wash up well, colors don’t fade, and they are modest for your kids and you. And let’s be honest, as a mom, when you are at the pool or the beach with your kids the last thing you want or need to be thinking about is your swimsuit. You need to be confident that it is covering all the right areas, giving support and staying in place even when the kids are pulling on you! The suits I have rounded up do all that and as a bonus they are all stylish! They are swimsuits that you or your kids would love to wear and the matching is just a BIG bonus!


Rad Swim is one of our favorites and they have SO MANY styles in women, tween and kids sizes. They also have a few suits that match in mens and boys sizes so you can have your whole family match!! They are really speaking my love language now! Dreams can come true my friends! This yellow suit has been Ember’s favorite swim suit this year, it’s her go to and the one she always grabs. Which means is must be very COMFORTABLE if its kid approved! It doesn’t matter how cute something is, if it’s not comfortable you won’t be able to convince your kids to wear it! I have a 20% off discount code for Rad Swim, “MILLERS20”. Use the code and get yourself some family matching goodness. I also personally really love the Rad Swim sunglasses. I am wearing them in the picture below and always get asked about them and they are a great price, especially with the 20% off.

The 2 different prints the kids are wearing here are also available in women’s sizes.


Pink Desert has a few mommy and me matching prints and they are show stoppers!! I love the girls in these matching peach one pieces and I mixed mine up with the green bottoms and tankini top. I love this combo! The women’s bottoms are so comfortable. I can tell these will be some of my favorites for a while! The details on this suit are really fun, the girls have little ruffles on the hips and mine ties at the top shoulders. They don’t carry mens or boys sizes but these girls ones are soooo good!


Kortni Jeane has lots of fun mix and match prints. As you can see I went with more of a color coordinating look for these suits rather than completely matching but these suits are great, with fun and unique prints and styles! I actually just bought a top to coordinate with my girls and was able to use some black bottoms that I already had, which made this a little more affordable. Kortni Jeane also has some mens and boys suits. They don’t come in the exact same prints but you can for sure color coordinate with them.


I don’t have a picture of me matching the girls in this swim zip suit but it does come in womens sizes. My kids have had these suits for 2 summers and I still love the print and style of the suit. It is a classic. The colors and stripes are the best combo and the price point on this suit is unbeatable!!! These suits are sold with the top and bottoms, where a lot of swim suits these days tops and bottoms are sold separately. So they are sold together and they are only $30, plus they often have sales so you could get both the top and bottom for $25 total! Such a great deal! They also do have boys suits, they don’t match but I love their little boy swim bottoms. They have the shorter length that is really cute on Bode!

I love all our matching suits and like I said, I’m going to keep matching them as long as it doesn’t embarrass them…and maybe even a little still once it embarrasses them! 😂But real talk, I know swimsuits can be hard for us moms, you don’t always feel your best and things can be a little more squishy than you might like but your kids don’t notice or remember that. What our kids DO remember us being there and making memories with them though so find a suit that makes you feel comfortable (matching or not) and get out there have some fun with your kids! You won’t ever regret it!